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Stephen is a Field Construction Supervisor with 18 years experience who is also a very talented painter. With a degree in Fine Arts, Stephen’s knowledge of aesthetics as well as his incredible talent at building makes for the perfect mix of form and function. As a transplant from Oregon, where he ran his own construction firm, Stephen brings a skill set to the organization not found locally. Visit the press section of our website to learn more about his artwork. Stephen is also a member of the YMCA of MV Expansion Committee.


Ryan has been in the building trade for 25 years. He is our resident comedian, with a big heart. As one of our Field Construction Supervisors, when he’s not on top of one of our jobs, he’s refereeing high school sports, golfing, spending time with his new daughter and son, or acting as the President of the philanthropic Pink Squid Yacht Club. In addition, Ryan is on the Board of Directors of The Martha's Vineyard Builders Association and a member of the membership committee of such.


Josh is an architectural designer with 3 decades of design and build experience on the Island.  Josh joined the crew after years of working as a visual artist, showing and selling his paintings on the Vineyard.


Doug is a Field Construction Supervisor who moved to the Island from the Midwest and brings to the table a multitude of talents and hard work ethics. With over 10 years of experience in the building trades, you might not know that he was a professional fisherman and he is also an incredible professional chef who caters for the Obamas when they visit the Island, among others.


Johnny has worked with Doug for 10 years and brings 15 years construction experience to the company.

Johnny recently moved his young family to the Vineyard from Brazil.


Garry is a skilled carpenter with over 30 years of building experience spanning three continents! Born and raised in England, at the age of 15 Garry was offered a pro soccer trial with The Aston Villa Football Club. Garry is bringing his soccer talent to the Island as one of the Island Youth Soccer coaches!


Mario has painted for 6 years and although he started as a painter with D. Best Construction, he was quickly moved to carpentry because of his skills and ability to learn quickly. In his spare time, Mario enjoys disc (frisbee) golf.


Jared received his nickname because of his uncanny likeness to Scooby-Doo's best friend.  After a year at Quinnipiac college, Shaggy came home to Martha's Vineyard to try his hand at construction. He is an avid soccer enthusiast and a fantastic addition to the D. Best team, willing to do anything asked of him with a smile and a positive attitude.

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