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Ten years ago, D. Best Construction launched the painting division of the company. This division enables the company to have more control in being able to deliver a timely product to the client in the manner they are accustomed to. D. Best Painting has a full staff of highly skilled painters, many of whom have been painting professionally for over 30 years. Our painters are professional, meticulous and thorough.


Specializing in interior and exterior painting, sanding, resurfacing, and staining. We can handle both residential and commercial projects.

In 2020, D. Best Painting won the Best of The Vineyard award and in 2021 received the Runner-up award.

The company takes great pride in its product and is not only recognized for such by our clients, but by the community at large.


Eric joined D. Best as our painting supervisor and brought over 30 years of painting experience.  Eric was one of the first subcontractors to work with D. Best Construction. In fact, he and his wife hired D. Best Construction to add a second story on their home almost 15 years ago.  Eric also takes the time to continue with his counseling and therapy services for those in need.


Mike is a skilled painter with almost 30 years of painting under his belt. Mike has a history in the food and beverage field and therefore has a knack for preparing and serving a mean beach cookout spread.


Jaroslava, known as J.J., is an outstanding painter who has been painting for 15 years. J.J. is originally from the Czech Republic and makes a great goulash!


Marketa has been painting for 8 years and makes some of the best cookies ever!

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